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Accommodation - Holiday Rental on Greek Islands

Greek Island Accommodation
Accommodation on Ithaca - List of villages with holiday rentals - CLICK HERE
Agnandio Apartments in Kioni ithaca Greece
Argo Villa Vathy Ithaki
Anamartitos Apartments in Stavros
Dexa Beach Project, Dexa Beach Vathy Ithaca Greece
Kimataki Apartments in Frikes
Metropolis Villa Vathy Ithaca Greece
Carol Apartments
- Affordable and clean apartments in Vathy Ithaki
Onar Seaside Apartments
Lythari Apartments Kioni
St. Elia's Villa - apartments in Stavros Ithaka Greece
Porto Thiaki Hotel - Stavros Hotel on Ithaca Island.
Lazaretto Palace - Vathy Bayside Ithaca Island in the Ionian.
Lykithes - Apartments and houses for rent on ithaca Greece

Tesoro on Ithaca - Houses for rent in Frikes, ithaca Greece

Car Boat Bike Hire

Sea Taxi
Car Hire on Ithaca from Alpha Bike and Car Hire in Vathy -
AGS Cars - Car Hire on Ithaki Island in the Ionian Greece
Polis Bay Boat Hire
Kioni Boat Hire

Real Estate - Houses for sale in Kefalonia Greece
Real Estate for sale in the Ionian - Estate - Houses, villas, cottages and land for sale on Ithaca Island in Greece
Buy and Sell Real Estate on Ithaca - Estate/realestate.html
Greek Island property and accommodation investment - Click here Accommodation and property
Property Management on Ithaca island -
Greek Island Real estate for sale - Construction and Building on Ithaca Greece. Ionian Island.
Villa with pool for sale in Cephalonia - Click here
2 Partially built houses in Kefalonia - Click here

Restaurants & Cafe Bars

Cafe Del Sol - New cafe and snack bar in Vathy ithaca Greek Island Food
Kohili Restaurant in Vathi Ithaki
Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes Ithaki
Avra Restaurant in Kioni Ithaki
Odysseus Restaurant in Frikes Ithaki greece


Mau Electronica Gothic Industrial Ambient Music - UK Ithaca Greece Phone App
Julias Jewellery and Gifts
Padazis Fruit and Vegetable Market in Vathi Ithaki

Musician living on Ithaki, Ionian Island -
Musicians Living on Ithaca Island in Greece -
Gash Productions - Video and Book Trailers with Barry Snaith (UK) and Erika Bach (Ithaca Greece)
M1nk - Dark Electronica Ambient Industrial Gothic ithaca to England - Music. - Ores Gallery Accommodation - Click Here Real Estate

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